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Long-Term Care Planning

Traditional and Asset-Based Long-Term Care Options

Americans are living much longer than ever before in history. With the benefits of living longer come the risks that you may need assistance with staying independent. Today, a couple 65 or older has a 70% chance that one of them will need some period of extended care.*

Midwest Secure Retirement (MSR) provides many options to transfer this risk using either traditional long-term care insurance products or using an innovative life insurance-based long-term care product that is so unique, it has been awarded U.S. Patent number 6,584,446.

MSR can help strategically plan for your long-term care. Some of the benefits of our long-term care products include:

  • Rates that are guaranteed never to increase.
  • Options to simply reposition existing assets, with no additional payments required.
  • If you don’t use the long-term care benefit, it becomes a tax-free death benefit to your heirs.
  • A guaranteed return of premium if you quit the policy.
  • The ability to acquire coverage, even with health conditions.
  • Utilizing qualified assets to fund long-term care protection.
  • Benefits that can be extended for life, not just a few years.

Contact us today to start your long-term care review process.

*Moeller, Philip. "How Nursing Home Stays Ravage Finances." U.S. News & World Report, June 15, 2012.

MSR can help you with your long-term care planning