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Susan Wieneke

Susan Wieneke

Financial Services Professional

Susan lives by the tenant that we are made for relationships, and loves to connect people. She’s committed to help people accumulate wealth, build efficient retirement income streams, become financially savvy, and build a legacy. Her comprehensive approach to financial strategies focuses on offering solutions customized to your life goals. She’s been married to Eric for 30 years and they have three children. She’s an activated disciple, avid golfer, biker, and snowmobiler. You’ll find her trustworthy, capable, and passionate about helping you retire comfortably.

Prove it…

Trustworthy? Susan works for you; she is a financial services professional. Why is that important? Imagine your closet; are all your clothes the same brand? The same thing could be asked about your financial portfolio, are all your products the same brand? While owning the same brand may be simple, it may not fit. She offers a simple solution; she shops around for you to find suitable products for your retirement plan!

Capable? Susan holds licenses in Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care Insurance. She works with a team of financial professionals, together they are Midwest Secure Retirement (MSR). You have the benefit of a team working on building a plan for your retirement paycheck!

Passionate about helping you retire comfortably?  She noticed people anxiously discussing if they had enough money to retire. She thought that’s a good question, and set out to find the answer. What she found was a giant puzzle, which the average person does not have time to piece together. Having an efficient strategy has the potential to increase retirement income; she had to get the word out! For 20 years she had worked in analytics and marketing for Bristol-Myers Squibb and Kimberly-Clark. She researched and studied trend data, then built simple and profitable marketing plans. She now spends her time building customized retirement income plans to help you retire comfortably. That’s how Wieneke: Win-A-Key To Unlock Your Retirement Income was born!